A Resolution Revolution

Does your New Year’s resolution include losing weight? It’s the number one resolution made every year, and also the one with the highest failure rate. The packed gym on December 3rd gives way to the deserted wasteland of dumbbells and dusty cardio equipment by Valentine’s day. The lean, green refrigerator...

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Reverse Osmosis Decoded

If you have ever poured yourself a glass of water from a Reverse Osmosis System, you recognize it at once as the way water should taste. No sulfur smell, no metallic tang – just clean, crisp, pure water. Water quality can vary wildly in both flavor and quality, with some specimens...

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Hard Water: Airing the Dirty Laundry

A washing machine is a fairly fool-proof machine. Water, detergent, and dirty laundry go in, clean laundry comes out. However, you have noticed that dirty, dingy, or heavily worn clothing has been coming out, instead. You try more detergent, less detergent, hot water, and a heavy cycle, to no avail. It...

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Myths about Softwater

8 Common Misconceptions about Soft Water

Water softeners are an excellent asset for those who seek a cleaner home and healthier skin and hair, yet a few common myths keep many from realizing the softener solution. Here, we will address a few of the most common myths and misconceptions about the effects of soft water.   Myth: Water...

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Selling Your Kids on Water

Selling Your Kids on Water Children, tweens, and teens will often confuse thirst with hunger, headaches, and exhaustion. On the rare occasion that they recognize thirst for what it is, the only thing they believe will quench it is a sugary, empty-calorie laden soft drink or juice box. When you counter-offer...

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8 Indicators That You Are Dealing with Hard Water

Whether you’ve just moved into a new house, or returned from a stay away, you may suddenly notice something slightly off about your water supply. Somehow your shower leaves you feeling sticky, a glass of water from the tap tastes icky, or your towels come out of the wash feeling...

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