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We are a family owned and operated group of water treatment companies providing sales, service, and rental of high quality custom built water treatment systems for Omaha Nebraska, Lincoln Nebraska, Council Bluffs Iowa, and the Midwest since 1969.
We are proud to be an authorized Evolve Dealer.

See our water solutions below…using products made right here in America!

Quality, Experience, Competitive Pricing

Using the highest quality equipment, unmatched customer service and the most experienced staff in the area, Futuramic’s Clean Water Center will custom design the perfect water treatment system for your family’s needs at a highly competitive price.

featured blog posts

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Selling Your Kids on Water

Children, tweens, and teens will often confuse thirst with hunger, headaches, and exhaustion. On the rare occasion that they recognize thirst for what it is, the only thing they believe will quench it is a sugary, empty-calorie laden soft drink or juice box…READ MORE

Myths about Softwater

8 Common Misconceptions About Soft Water

Water softeners are an excellent asset for those who seek a cleaner home and healthier skin and hair, yet a few common myths keep many from realizing the softener solution. Here, we will address a few of the most common myths and misconceptions about the effects of soft water.…READ MORE

Hard Water:
Airing Your Laundry

A washing machine is a fairly fool-proof machine. Water, detergent, and dirty laundry go in, clean laundry comes out. However, you have noticed that dirty, dingy, or heavily worn clothing has been coming out, instead.…READ MORE

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what’s your water problem?

rust in appliances?

Find out how we can prevent ugly rust stains on sinks, dishwashers, tubs and showers. FIND OUT MORE

bad odor?

See our water solution that fights iron and sulfur bacteria, removing smelly odors. FIND OUT MORE

lime scale and build-up?

We have a great way to remove minerals like calcium and magnesium that prevent water from mixing with detergent to form a solution. FIND OUT MORE


Learn how our reverse osmosis process will remove contamination, pollution and bacteria from your drinking water. FIND OUT MORE

It’s time to experience water the way nature intended! Get a quick quote now…

See Futuramic’s Clean Water’s response to the Covid-19/ SARS CoV-2 outbreak.
Futuramic’s Clean Water Center is here you during this time.
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