Would My Home Benefit From a Twin Water Softener?

Would My Home Benefit From a Twin Water Softener?

We all know that feeling when you just poured yourself a bowl of cold cereal and open the refrigerator only to find an empty container! Similar to keeping the refrigerator and your pantry stocked with groceries, having a twin tank softener can help keep your home supplied and ready with soft water available on demand.

A twin tank softener maintains consistent soft water supply, all day, every day, year-round so you never run out of soft water, especially wonderful for taking showers and doing laundry. Typically, heavy water-users, like families with a larger number of people really appreciate these systems.

What exactly is a “Twin Tank Softener?”

All water softeners feature a resin bed which needs to be replenished after a certain amount of water has been treated. The amount of water often varies, depending on the unit size. But a single tank softener won’t supply soft water during the regeneration process because the resin can’t at the same time be cleaned and perform removing har water. A twin softener, with two same-sized tanks are controlled by a single valve working independently to soften your water. While the one tank is regenerating, the second takes over, providing you with soft water throughout your home.

Is a twin tank softener for my home?

Individuals who are considered heavy water users can use up to 100 gallons daily. And that’s just one person! Imagine the great amount of water a family of four can use. Having a twin tank system means you are highly unlikely to ever experience lack of water, giving you a constant supply of ready-to-use soft water anytime.

If you often have house guests, they will also appreciate the availability of soft gentle water. When a family has others stay with them, it’s common that many people take their morning showers right after each other. With a twin tank softener, you won’t be embarrassed to learn your guests felt bad they “ran you out of water.” Plus, having guests means double the number of showers, dishes, and laundry, and a twin softener is designed handle the additional water usage – without interruption.

Experience the EVRS Twin Cutaway Twin Softener Capacity

If heavy water usage is part of your household’s normal routine, you may notice your hair looking and feeling dull, and your skin becoming dry and itchy. Another sign that your water softener is running low could be that your clothes’ colors don’t appear as vibrant, and your towels aren’t as cuddly soft as they used to be. If that’s the case, it’s very possible your softener is extending over its capacity before regeneration and hard water is making its way to the faucet.

When a single tank softener has reached its capacity, the home’s water heater begins to fill with hard water. Hard water minerals can damage the heater’s components. Plus, it takes much longer to get 100% soft water flowing through your home after it has been blending with hard water stored inside the water heater tank. If you have a single tank water softener, you may have experienced these problems.

The benefits of having any water softener is that it helps the efficiency and lifespan of a home’s water heater and other water-using appliances – including dish water and laundry washing machine. These twin tank systems ensure less hard water finding its way into the units.

It’s also about Efficiency

The Evolve Series Twin Tank Softeners feature continuous efficiency for both salt and water savings, all year. You’ll enjoy the money-savings benefit from continuous soft water by improved efficiency of appliances such as your coffee maker, hot water heater, washing machine, dishwasher, and more!

Soft water also helps prevent scale build-up in pipes, shower heads, and faucets. And, of course, your family and guests will love the accessibility to clean, soft water whenever they want it.

Please call Futuramic’s Clean Water Center today for a free in-home water analysis and to discuss if a twin tank softener can benefit your home.