Water that Works for You!

Water that Works for You!

Every month, we talk about the benefits of installing a water treatment solution in your home. Rust stains, foul flavor, strong smell, and soap scum all add up to water that isn’t working for you, but against you. No matter which reason has you thinking about it, most people wait until a bigger problem hits to actually make the call.

While your water is circling the drain, let’s talk about some of the specific concerns that convince people to take action.

  1. Consumption
    For most households, the safety of their water is their number one concern. We all know we should be drinking several glasses of water every day, but if you can’t stomach it, it’s an issue. If you’re truly worried about the safety of your water, head to Clean Water Testing to understand exactly where your water stands. If your concern has more to do with a foul flavor or sulfuric smell, then a Reverse Osmosis system is the answer!

    All of your recipes will taste cleaner when you start with reverse osmosis water. That’s because RO Systems add nothing at all to your H2O, but remove iron, manganese, sulfur, and chlorine. That’s right, there’s a chance you’re a better cook that you thought! You’re just started with musty, rusty water and nothing comes out like it should.

RO water can affect the texture of your food, as well! RO water doesn’t take as long to reach a boiling point, meaning that your food doesn’t end up gummy or slimy. Clean water may have been the missing ingredient all along!

  1. Clean Water Cleans Better

Whether you’re washing your hair or cleaning the shower you wash in, both will shine brighter with soft water. Hard water binds with soap, leaving a residue behind on your hair, skin, sinks, and shower.

Outside of the shower, remaining residue dries the skin, leaving you itchy, ashy, and painfully in need of moisturizer. If you notice your floor is sticky, even after mopping, you can blame the same soap scum. Streaky mirrors and windows can also be blamed on hard water. Hard water consists of dissolved minerals, which are left behind on surfaces causing clouding, streaking, and etching.

All water softener systems vary, and use customized mediums to meet your needs! Talk to your Futuramics pro about how hard your water is, and which softener is best for your home.

  1. Yard Work Likes Dirty Water

While our water treatments can make your life cleaner, your lawn is supposed to be dirty! Most softeners and filters are able to bypass your outdoor water connection, which can save you a lot!

If, for instance, you run your sprinkler an hour a day, it will cycle through 1,020 gallons of water. In a month, 12,240 gallons of water will have run through your purifier, forcing frequent regeneration and numerous trips to the brine tank to replenish.

Your lawn doesn’t usually mind unfiltered water, and unless you are running a side-hustle washing cars (purified water can leave your car cleaner, so it may be worth it!) regular, unfiltered water is fine for outdoor use.

  1. Enduring Appliances

We tried to think of which home appliance is the least expensive, and what we came up with is: They’re all a BIG investment. Big. And when they wear out before their time, it can be frustrating and expensive. Every appliance that runs with water works better with soft water!

This can be an inconvenience when your dishwasher breaks down mid-cycle, or it can be more than a hassle, like when your CPAP unit unexpectedly wears out from working too hard over hard water.

Whether you’re just trying to squeeze a little more life out of your washing machine, or if water is what makes your life work, softening it will make your life a lot less hard!

Call your certified Futuramic’s Water Dealer, or learn more at https://omahawater.com/