Whether you have to fight your child to get into the tub or if you have to fight them to get out, bubbles make bath time a foamy fun adventure for little ones!

While we take bath, it’s usually our time to relax, unwind, and soak away sore muscles or a stressful day. When children take a bath, it’s a deep-sea adventure, an ocean of opportunity, and a frothy fun trip into their own imaginations! While you may just be excited that your child has soaked long enough to loosen the ever-present dirt from under their fingernails, they have been blissfully lost in a sea of dreams, and will stay until the bubbles wear out!

  1. The Best Play is the Messiest Play!

Bath crayons and markers can help your child get their “drawing on the walls” urge out of their system in a constructive and easier-to-clean way! Watch as a squiggle takes shape and becomes an imaginary pet dragon, and when bath time is over, vanquish the fire breather down the drain with your child’s muddy handprints and remnants of their most recent meal! You can even try this DIY recipe for bath time finger paints at or homemade bath crayons at

  1. Make Bath Time Brighter!


Your bath bombs are designed to make your soak more relaxing, but your little one’s bath bombs have the opposite effect! Your child’s soapy adventure can be a rainbow river rapid, a deep blue sea, or a pickle juice party!

Non-toxic, non-staining, and environmentally friendly, Color My Bath tablets are fun, educational, and safe for your child’s bath!


  1. Illuminate Their World

While kids have magical imaginations, it can be so much fun to bring some real-life magic into their lives! Illuminating their bubble bath opens up a whole new world of possibilities, curiosity, and fun!

There are several safe ways to do this, such as a combination of a strong b vitamin and a black light, set safely away from the tub will result in the picture you see above. Or for a truly easy DIY, grab a collection of glow sticks, which come half a dozen to a $1 package, and release them into the tub. There are many fun variations on glow sticks, like glowing finger caps, crowns, and magic wands!

  1. And The Grammy Goes To…

There’s just something about bathing that brings out the songbird in us all. Whether it’s a result of the relaxation, the feeling of alone-time and privacy, or just the killer acoustics afforded by a porcelain tub, we have all perfected our shower-Grammy award acceptance speech!

Now tell me what sounds sweeter than your little one’s singing voice? Whether it’s a sudsy solo performance by your little musical prodigy or a family act, a bathroom concert is fun from the first note to the encore!

A few must-haves for any bath time play list include

  • Sesame Street’s Rubber Ducky
  • Bobby Darin’s Splish Splash
  • Pink Fong’s BathTime Song

Bring the music safely into the tub with the iDuck floating waterproof wireless speaker pictured above!

  1. It’s Not a Bubble Bath Without Bubbles!


The most fun part of bath time is the thick, rick foamy bubbles kids love to interact with! Children are curious about bubbles, how they grow, what makes them pop, and how to make fun shapes from the formable froth.

If you find that you’re using far more soap than you should need, or are switching brands to try to achieve a rich foam, it’s possible that your home’s water is what’s standing between your child and their sudsy fun.

Hard water makes it very difficult for soap to lather, and even hard for that soap to rinse off. That means that while your child may have been disappointed by how few bubbles were in their bath, there was still more than enough soap in the water to leave a sticky, itchy film on their delicate skin.

Does your child squirm and complain of itchy skin often? Leftover soap residue may be to blame. We talked about this in our recent post about showering in hard water.

Not sure if you have hard water? About 80% of American homes do, but most people think that hard water issues like dry, itchy skin, heavy or lifeless hair, and mineral deposits on their appliances and fixtures are just an inevitable part of life. 8 Common Hard Water Problems discussed a few of the problems you may be facing with hard water that you can kiss goodbye with the installation of a water softening system.

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