Commercial Water Treatment

New System Design and Installation

Futuramic’s Clean Water Center has over 46 years of experience custom designing and sizing commercial water treatment systems in the Midwest. Our systems can be found throughout the area in a wide variety of applications. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality equipment sized specifically for your needs.


We provide all service and warranty work on our equipment and expert service on most other commercial water treatment systems at highly competitive prices.


Our installations include:

• Hospitals
• Restaurants
• Hotels
• Car Washes
• Apartments
• Municipal Water Systems
• Laboratory Systems
• Grocery Stores
• Commercial Laundry and Cleaners
• Care Facilities
• Schools
• And many others


Expert Service

Service for water filtration products by…


  • Bruner
  • Aquamatic
  • Culligan
  • Fleck (Fleckenstein)
  • Pentair
  • Autrol


Reliable service for commercial systems

  • Trouble shooting and Repair and maintenance for Bruner, Aquamatic and Culligan diaphragm valve systems.
  • Trouble shooting and repair on Fleck commercial systems
  • Resin Re-Bed on old systems
  • Membrane replacement and cleaning for commercial Reverse Osmosis systems
  • High efficiency system upgrades or replacement

Water Vending, Supermarkets, C-Stores, Produce, Bakery & Deli water

Meet Our Team

Omaha’s Local Water Vending company for 25 years


  • Best service
  • Customers prefer our Vending station 10 to one in side by side comparison
  • 6 Gallon per min fill rate
  • Large well lighted fill area
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Fast reliable service when needed
  • Pure water for produce, bakery, meat & seafood cases, deli and coffee shop
High volume back room equipment, best fill station in the industry.
Seafood & meat fogging systems
Produce misting systems

10,000 gpd reverse osmosis system providing water to equipment throughout the hospital
Reverse Osmosis treatment for sterilizer, washer and humidifier feed.
Scale reduction filter for sterilizer feed water

Medical Facilities, Water for Sterilizers, Humidification, Lab Use

We provide treatment solutions for all types of medical applications.  From high volume systems to feed equipment and labs throughout the facility or smaller treatment systems for specific equipment like washers, sterilizers or humidifiers.


Food Service – Restaurants, Coffee shops Espresso, Coffee, Tea, Ice & Dishwashing

Coffee shops, roasters and cafés like Archetype Coffee, Aromas, Roast, Tap Dancers Coffee, Caffeine Dreams, Tripoint Coffee and Culprit Café take coffee and other beverages to a new level with perfectly filtered water.

Soft Water


  • Reduces soap and other chemicals by up to 70%
  • Sparkling glasses and spot free dishware.
  • Up to 40% savings and triple the life of hot water heaters
  • Protects expensive water using equipment and fixtures
Coffee house reverse osmosis systems can be designed to fit in difficult spaces.

Reverse Osmosis system - Patriarch Distillers
Carbon Filtration, Water Softening - Keg Creek Brewing
Carbon Filtration and Water Softener - Infusion Brewing

Brewery & Distillery Treatment Systems

Great water makes great beer!!


We will design the perfect water treatment system for your brewery or distillery.  Options include Carbon filtration, water softening, Reverse osmosis and turbidity.


Businesses & Office Buildings – Point of Use Water Coolers, Centralized Purification Systems for Break Stations

Enjoy a fixed budget and big savings with Point of Use water coolers.


Filtered water and reverse osmosis available.


We can also connect coffee makers and ice machines.