Clean, Abundant Drinking Water at Home Crushes Bottled Water

Clean, Abundant Drinking Water at Home Crushes Bottled Water

Millions of Americans start their day with a bottled water from their fridge. Throughout the day, we purchase them at convenience stores, vending machines, stadiums, and more.

While these water bottles seem convenient, over time the cost of those empty, single-use plastic bottles add up without you even realizing it. And the impact they have on our planet is of growing concern.

Did you realize there are affordable drinking water solutions that can be installed in your home that provide you great-tasting, purified water right from your faucet? New drinking water filtration systems are a wonderful alternative to purchasing bottled water.

Filtered Water Tastes Great

Drinking water systems, like the popular Evolve® UltroWater® Reverse Osmosis (RO) system, do an exception job of removing contaminants from your home’s water, leaving it tasting fresh and crisp. Blind taste tests have proven that most people can’t even tell the difference between the bottled water and water at home – even if that water coming from the tap is not filtered!

Bottled water also tends to take on a “stale plastic taste” from the bottles they are packaged and stored in. Bottled water sits on shelves and in storerooms for months and in some cases even years before it is consumed. During that time, the water takes on properties of the plastic container. The water in the bottles doesn’t necessarily “go bad,” but we can sometimes taste the chemicals from the plastic leaching into the water.

Convenience if Key

The time spent going to the grocery store to purchase bottled water can be a hassle. Not to mention the ever-increasing cost! Fortunately, when you have an at-home drinking water filtration system, you don’t need to leave the house for clean, fresh drinking water. And you never run out, because there is basically an endless supply of water right from your faucet.

The only maintenance to do with your reverse osmosis system (or other cartridge-based drinking water solution), is to replace the cartridge once it filtered out its maximum level of contaminants. Most households need to do this once or twice each year.

Rarely, but on occasion, you will need new parts to maintain your system, but it is a lot easier than buying and transporting water home. For your convenience, we can even help you by putting you on a schedule to have someone from our team stop by to replace the filter cartridges!

Saving Yourself Green While Going Green, Environmentally

For many people, the cost savings (compared to purchasing individual water bottles) is the primary reason to justify purchasing a water filtration system. Savvy advertising campaigns promoting “glacier water” and “fresh spring water” may lure us to consider bottled water purchases, but why spend the money when you can get the same quality water right from your faucet in your home for only pennies per gallon! Plus, when you have purified water readily available, making coffee or tea becomes an even more pleasurable experience.

Americans buy and use 29 billion water bottles a year. By not purchasing plastic water bottles, you eliminate the waste going into a landfill. Only one in six water bottles are recycled properly. Furthermore, water bottles are made from a petroleum (oil), which is an environmental hazard in nature.

It is not always known what the beverage companies put into (or take out of) their bottled water. Despite the advertising claims made and what is printed on the outside of the bottle, there is little actually known about the quality of the water inside. A product labeled as “purified water” is vague and can be open for interpretation. When you have a drinking water filtration system installed by Futuramic’s Clean Water Center, your water will be thoroughly tested, and you’ll have exceptional water at your fingertips!

UltroWater Amazes!

We believe you will discover that having a drinking water filtration system will pay off quickly if you are one of the millions who rely on bottled water each day. Getting clean, pure water right from your faucet is convenient, can save you money over time, and is a far better choice for environmentally conscious people.

The Evolve UltroWater® reverse osmosis (RO) system has been tested and proven to remove impurities in the water such as arsenic, lead, copper and more. This is what is known as an “NSF/ANSI Standard 58 certified system.” Having this certification gives you the confidence and peace of mind that the water from your system is free of contaminants that you can smell, see, or taste.

Call the Futuramic’s Clean Water Center team at (402) 453-5730 today to learn what drinking water solutions are available to you and practical for your household. We will gladly come out, test your water, and develop an optimal solution for your desires.