If your new year’s resolution was to have a summer body, then congratulations! It’s summer, and you do, in fact, have a body. Now, to keep that body healthy in spite of dangerously high temperatures!
From maintaining proper organ function to keeping clear skin, water is key to youth, health, and beauty!

Your Most Valuable, and Least Expensive Life Hack

Water does more than quench a thirst, it can ease a headache, clear your skin, boost your mood, and even without coffee beans, energize you! It improves the functions of every one of your organs, from your kidneys and liver, to your skin, and your brain. It’s easy to blame that mid-day brain fog on your morning coffee wearing off, but it could be as simple as a touch of dehydration!

Water is a real heavy hitter that does it all. Your cheapest detox program, it can help your body filter out toxins safely and naturally, without buying into fad diets or gimmicky teas and supplements. A healthy weight loss formula, drinking more water can increase the rate your body burns fat. An increase of 30 ounces a day can whittle an additional 4.4 pounds per year from the average American’s figure. That’s before you consider that water naturally suppresses your appetite, and that dehydration often presents as hunger.

Recommended Serving Size

You may be surprised to learn that more than 75% of Americans suffer from chronic dehydration. This can lead to many of the problems Americans face every day, from skin issues to brain fog, fatigue, constipation, and even bad breath!

You lose about a gallon of moisture every day through normal functions like sweating, crying, and urination. This goes up significantly as your activity levels rise, which means that your body size and lifestyle will determine how much water you personally need.

Am average sized person should be downing about 10 cups of water per day, according to the Food and Nutrition board. An active person should shoot for about 13. If that sounds overwhelming, don’t sweat it! (Literally, you can’t afford to lose the hydration in this heat!) We have a few tips to make that H2O go down a little easier!

  1. Do Yourself a Favor, Give it Some Flavor!

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One of the keys to enjoying your water is to keep it fresh! Fruit infusers let you add fresh or frozen fruit to reusable water bottles for a healthy burst of flavor! Try making a fun, signature concoction like watermelon mint, cucumber and melon, strawberries and basil, or lavender and lemon!

In a rush? Dozens of low-calorie flavor-ades are available in easy, travelable sizes to grab and go! Just add a squirt of the super concentrated formula to fresh water and you’re on your way.

Find a bottle that fits your lifestyle (and your car’s cupholder!) and go!

  1. Eat Your Water

Satisfy your sweet-tooth and hydrate at the same time! Eat a delicious lunch and scratch one of your cups off of your daily dose! It’s all easier than you’d imagine. Snacking on highly hydrating foods can make it even easier to meet your daily needs! Trade mindless munching on salty snack like chips and popcorn for the satisfying crunch of sliced cucumbers. You’ll still have the satisfying crunch, and your portions can be much more generous! A wedge of watermelon or a slice of cantaloupe are mostly water, and while satisfyingly sweet, pack a punch when you consider the vitamins and nutrients in each serving!

A big, crunchy salad is a powerhouse of vitamins, healthy fats, proteins, and a huge step toward your daily water goal! Just add sweet bell peppers, carrots, cucumbers, celery, apple slices, and lettuce, all highly hydrating!

  1. Make Hydration a Habit!

Finding ways to water down your routine can make or break your daily goal! Finding places in your regular schedule to add hydration can make it easier to take it to the limit (without waiting until bedtime to try to chug a full 10 cups right before you lay down… that’s just bad for business!)
Set a glass beside your toothbrush and drink your first cup before you brush your teeth. Have your second cup while you wait for your coffee to percolate, and sip another on your way to work. Set a timer at 10am to text your mother (she deserves it!) and to drink a cup while you’re talking. A cup with lunch and you’re already halfway to your goal! Creating a habit might feel overwhelming at first, but soon, you’ll feel uncomfortable without your 10am water break!

  1. Water Drinking as a Competitive Sport

What if you had something to gain by drinking more water? You know, besides the mental clarity, increased energy, glowing skin, radiant hair, improved mood… ok, I’ll stop.
But something else. Something more tangible.
Incentives can make an unenjoyable task exciting again! Set a goal and after a week of hitting it, treat yourself to a night at the movies, a new water bottle, or a pedicure! After 21 days, a habit will be formed and you will have become addicted to feeling hydrated, clear-headed, and energized, and there will be no going back!

  1. Quality Counts!

Keeping fresh, clean, delicious water on tap makes it easy to fill your body with high quality H2O!
Using our Eclipse R.O. (reverse osmosis) and Impression Series R.O. systems will remove dissolved solids and unwanted chemicals like chlorine and sulfur, making water an easy choice of beverage!

Easy to maintain and even easier to use, a filtration system can save you big on bottled water and filter bottles! And every time you turn on the tap, you’re keeping a plastic bottle out of a landfill! That’s a win for you, a win for the environment, and a win for future generations!

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