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Is it Safe to Drink Soft Water with Sodium in it?

There are no difficult questions when it comes to soft water.Water containing dissolved calcium and magnesium is considered “hard water.” Dried out skin and hair can be caused by these minerals. Plus, they can build up inside appliances like ice makers and washing machines –...

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Choosing a Water Conditioner or Water Softener

Water is essential to our lives. In fact, humans’ bodies are made up of approximately 60% water. We are fortunate to live in a part of the world where water is plentiful and abundant. Yet, even with such easy access to supply, it is important...

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Should You use Soft Water to Clean Your Eyeglasses?

Eyeglasses are an investment in your vision – and they can be costly to replace. Keeping their lenses clean and scratch-free is important to see clearly. Even the “scratch-resistant” lenses will get some scratches over time and with use. Maintaining that pristine clarity of the...

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Is Brushing with Hard Water Rough on Your Teeth?

Proper dental hygiene is important to your overall health. But, do you ever think about the amount of water you use and if there is a difference between hard and softened water while bushing your teeth? What Exactly is “Hard” Water? Water is considered “hard” when calcium...

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Clean, Abundant Drinking Water at Home Crushes Bottled Water

Millions of Americans start their day with a bottled water from their fridge. Throughout the day, we purchase them at convenience stores, vending machines, stadiums, and more. While these water bottles seem convenient, over time the cost of those empty, single-use plastic bottles add up without...

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Adapting to Your Home’s New Water Softener

You’ve just had a new water softener installed in your home and you step in the tub to take your shower and notice the water almost feels slick. Like others who first enjoy their home’s new and improved water quality, it is often first experienced...

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Why You Should Test Your Well Water Regularly

Few things are more natural than getting your home’s water supply from the ground via a well.  Some people believe that water from a well is the cleanest, purest form of water available. Unfortunately, this is not a fact, because they don’t realize where the...

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Wonders of Drinking Water

The Wonders of Drinking Water

Water is one of the most essential elements of human life – yet many of us do not drink nearly enough of it. Our bodies are made up of roughly 60% water. Naturally, to stay hydrated, it’s no surprise that the recommend amount of water...

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Is it Okay to Install My Water Softener Outside?

A water softener is a relatively simple appliance, buts has its own set of factors as to where it should be installed. The unit needs to be on a flat, level surface, with easy accessibility to refill salt, and located near where your water enters...

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