All’s Well That’s Treated Well

All’s Well That’s Treated Well

While living outside of the noise pollution, bright lights, and traffic of the city has an endless number of benefits, it often comes with its fair share of elbow grease. Whether you’ve been a little bit country your whole life, or if you are new to the rural environment, there are a few things you’ll need to consider that wouldn’t occur to people spending their whole lives in a municipality.

Namely, your property’s water supply. In the city, water is supplied through a regulated water treatment facility. Annual reports are available about what is in your water, and treatment options to purify it of cleansing solutions exist to meet any number of criteria.

Outside of the city, however, your water is likely delivered through a well system. While everyone will have their preferences, the well vs municipality debate is a hot one, and not as black and white as it may seem.

In our humble opinion, it’s not the source that counts, it’s what you do with it!

While many home owners opt to treat their water no matter where it comes from, the health and safety of well water falls on the homeowner. Well water comes directly out of the ground, meaning it’s pulling up any contaminants that are in that ground with it.

Groundwater is accessed by drilling down into underground aquifers, a rock layer containing absorbed rain and atmospheric water. A pump system is then employed to pull the water from the aquifer into your home.

While you learned in chemistry class that water is simply Hydrogen and Oxygen, there may be a lot more lurking in your well. Ground water may contain:

  • Dissolved organic matter
  • Calcium
  • E-Coli
  • Magnesium
  • Nitrates
  • Iron
  • Coliform bacteria
  • Agricultural runoff from nearby farms
  • Proximity to septic tanks
  • Environmental hazards specific to your region

Some of these issues can be concerning to your health, while others are simply a nuisance. All of them, however, can be treated!

 Iron can cause rust stains in your home and on your clothes, cause annoying buildup, and leave water tasting metallic, while other issues like Sulphur can make your water smell “eggy”, making it difficult to swallow your eight recommended glasses per day.

To treat each of these issues, you’ll need a custom filtration system to soften and clean your water right from the tap. The Impression Series® Air Filters and Impression Plus Series® Air Filters use oxygen to neutralize iron so it can be filtered out of your water. The same system filters the Sulphur out of your system, leaving your water smelling clean and tasting fresh.

Depending on the severity of your water’s needs, a treatment like Crystal-Right™ may be the answer you’re looking for. The system softens water while removing iron and reducing Sulphur odors from your well water. Your water dealer can help you understand your water’s needs and customize a medium for your home!

More serious and troubling risks include the possibility of contamination from chemicals found in certain regions of the United States. Uranium, Radon, and Arsenic can be found in contaminated ground water, and knowing your risk can help you address it before it ever reaches your home.

Rest Assured

These are serious matters to consider when living far from a municipal water treatment facility, but once you have considered them, treated them, and scheduled routine water maintenance, you can rest comfortably knowing that your family is safe and your water systems are healthy.
You and your water dealer can discuss the results of your water testing, and come up with a game plan to address absolutely anything that shows up in the report. Treating your water for hardness, installing a Reverse Osmosis Filtration System, and having your water tested annually covers all of your bases. Keep your peace of mind, body, and home with these simple steps, and help from your Futuramics dealer!

At Your Service

If your water suddenly changes, looks cloudy or murky, or develops an odor or taste, it’s a good idea to have it immediately tested. Any sudden change needs to be identified, even if you’ve already had your annual test done. We want your families to stay safe, and all of our professionals have access to our state-certified Clean Water Testing lab.

This is both more convenient than waiting for a representative from the EPA to make an appointment, and more reliable than most at-home water testing kits.

Knowledge is Power

It helps to understand your well’s construction, capacity, maintenance reports, and service history. Understanding any events that may have led to a change in the water, how the water has previously been treated, and any issues noted by former owners can help us identify the best course of action.

While your home will likely have a different water report than your neighbor, there is nothing that your Futuramics team hasn’t seen and can’t address!

Start by scheduling your water analysis today with Futuramics!

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