The Wonders of Drinking Water

Wonders of Drinking Water

The Wonders of Drinking Water

Water is one of the most essential elements of human life – yet many of us do not drink nearly enough of it. Our bodies are made up of roughly 60% water. Naturally, to stay hydrated, it’s no surprise that the recommend amount of water the average human being should consume each day is about 13-1/2 cups (108 oz.).

Being aware of the health benefits of drinking water, learning about how you can always have access to clean drinking water, and coming up with ways to help you consume more water are all ways to help you reach your daily hydration goals.

Drinking Enough Water is Healthy

Staying hydrated through drinking clean water has numerous benefits for the human body, including helping to regulate body temperature and assisting in nutrient transportation. When you are short on water, your brain and will initiate the “thirst” desire. If your body says you are thirsty, listen to it!

Listed below are other health benefits of staying properly hydrated.

  • May Help You Look Healthier: When you’re dehydrated, your skin may show it, including by having dry and wrinkled skin. Skin’s elasticity is dependent upon your body having enough water. Instead of applying globs of lotion to your hands and face, first, make sure you are getting enough fluids into your body. Keep your skin healthy and smooth by drinking plenty of water.
  • Weight Loss or Maintenance: Many weight loss plans encourage followers to drink more water. Not surprisingly, if you replace your sugary soft drinks or juice with water, you will take in fewer calories. Simple! Drinking water can also give the feeling of “being full” stopping those mid-day cravings for food or drink so many of us struggle with.
  • Regulate Bowel Movements: Inadequate hydration can lead to constipation. If you aren’t getting enough water, the colon may divert water from the stool in the digestive track. The result of is constipation. Maintaining a high fiber diet and drinking plenty of water should should help keep your bowels functioning properly.

Pure Water at Home through a Reverse Osmosis System

If you are concerned you and your family may not be drinking enough water each day, there are simple ways to be sure. The most common (and convenient) way is to drink more water at home. Unfortunately, some homes’ water quality may not be as pure tasting as it could be. Instead of buying cases of expensive bottled water, look into the benefits of having a reverse osmosis (RO) drinking water system in your home.

Reverse osmosis is a multi-stage water purification process that removes the impurities that can lead to odor and taste problems.

The initial stage of a reverse osmosis drinking water system moves water along through a carbon block filter, removing much of the larger sediments and particles, while also reducing chlorine. Next it pressures the water through the semi-permeable membrane that captures unwanted contaminants like nitrates, chromium, lead, arsenic, total dissolved solids (TDS), fluoride, and others. Finally, the water is filtered by another carbon filter to remove any remaining taste or odor issues. And it finally travels to a storage tank so you have freshly filtered water ready any time you need it.

Our RO systems can be conveniently installed below your kitchen sink so you can have clean, fresh drinking water right from your tap. The Evolve Series UltroWater® RO system is an economical way to bring healthy water to your home and an easy way to increase your families water consumption.

Each UltroWater® RO system is NSF/ANSI Standard 58 certified, meaning it has been designed, tested, and proven to reduce impurities like lead, arsenic, copper, and more.

Tips to Help You Ensure You are Getting Enough Water

Now that you have clean, pure RO water coming right from your kitchen sink, what are some things you can do to make sure you are getting enough?

  1. Instead of grabbing a sugary soft drink before heading out, fill a reusable water bottle at home. Most bottles have the liquid capacity printed on them or the label. You will always be aware of exactly how much water you have consumed and how much more you should have to reach your goal.
  2. Try drinking two full glasses of water with every meal. Drinking liquid helps with digestion while getting you hydrated. Why not have pure, clean water?
  3. Many phone fitness apps include logging food and drinks. Over time, tracking can help turn your daily water intake efforts into a healthy, regular habit!
  4. Wind down from a busy day with a cup of herbal tea before bedtime using filtered water. This can be a healthy and relaxing way to increase your fluids and help you stay hydrated overnight.

If you are considering a convenient, effective way to get pure, clean drinking water right from your faucet at home, call our water expert team at Futuramic’s Clean Water Center at (402) 453-5730 for a free evaluation to see which system is best for you.