Squeaky Clean or Slippery When Wet?

Squeaky Clean or Slippery When Wet?

Making the switch to soft water isn’t hard. The benefits of soft water make it easy, and include:

  • Longevity of appliances
  • Less wear and tear on clothing and dishes
  • Fewer harsh chemicals needed to clean home, clothes, and hair
  • Less soap scum and mineral build up on faucets, tubs, and fixtures

But many find one element of demineralized water a little hard to adjust to.


Squeaky Clean

You may have come to associate the sticky, squeaky feeling of soap scum left behind with feeling clean. Your first few experiences bathing in soft water will leave your skin with a feeling described by clients as “silky” or “slippery”. That feeling may take a little getting used to, but it’s what your skin feels like without soap scum!

Hard water contains dissolved minerals like magnesium and calcium. This is natural, and not dangerous for consumption or use in your home, just a bit of a nuisance. These minerals are responsible for the scaly white residue left behind on in your home, and less obviously, on your skin and hair.

In fact, hard water reacts directly with your soaps and cleansers, causing them to adhere to your tub, shower walls, and skin.

Your soaps and detergents are given a better chance to do their job without hard water (and built up soap scum) trapped against your skin. You’ll also notice less of that tight, itchy feeling left behind when soap scum causes a mild reaction in your skin.

You’ll need less product, less lotions, and use less shampoo to achieve cleaner hair and skin. You may even notice that your skin smells better naturally, as dead skin is cleaned away rather than trapped under a film of soap.


Shower Thoughts

While this will all take a little trial and error to adapt to, there are steps you can take to make the process a little… smoother.

  1. Clean Soap.
    Try switching a natural soap with fewer additives and more gentle cleansers. Many products use harsh detergents in an attempt to counter some of the hardness in most water.
  2. Less is Enough.
    You have gradually increased the amount of soap you use in the shower over time, likely without realizing it. Using that amount of soap in soft water isn’t necessary, and you’ll notice that the less soap you use, the easier you wash clean. This saves money and time, as you can now skip the “rinse and repeat” step!
  3. Bask in the Glow

You’ll notice yourself needed less lotion, and that your skincare routine reaps better skin rather than simply always countering the effects of harshness. That’s because your body’s natural oil production is just that; natural. Not scrubbing away your own oils just to replace them with artificial moisture is excellent for your skin, and you’ll notice quickly!

Futuramic’s Clean Water Center is ready to help you clean up your showering routine, with help from an extensive line of water treatment solutions.