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The folks at Futuramic's are friendly, attentive to my concerns and offer great products that work very well.

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We have been the Best of Omaha winner for 8 years in a row - under the category Household - Water Treatment Systems.


Futuramic installed a water softener and reverse osmosis water system. Best investments we have made - it's awesome!

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Best of Omaha – Water Treatment Systems


Futuramic’s Clean Water Center has been voted “Best of Omaha” every year the Water Treatment Category has existed.


We want to thank our fantastic team members and all of our loyal customers for 47 years of success.




My wife and I want to thank you for installing our new water system. The installers were professional and hard working and answered all our questions. The reverse osmosis works perfect and the water is clean and tastes great. We can tell that all the chemicals and contaminants have been removed from our water, and it tastes like it is supposed to. We also want to let you know that the soft water is so nice to have and makes our clothes softer and we can tell the difference in the shower and we use less soap. We don’t have to buy ice anymore because of the line you installed for our refrigerator and this will also save us more money. We are very satisfied with everything and only regret we didn’t switch over from our previous company. We look forward to a long and healthy relationship.


Thanks again,
Stan and Lori

Mr. Jack Warner, Service Manager


Dear Jack,


It was great to see you at the Home and Garden show last weekend. We just wanted to thank you again for the whole-house water filtration system. As you know, living on an acreage and using well water can sometimes be a challenge, given the discoloration and odors we had. We certainly needed help and your system has been perfect – no more smells! You are welcome to use us as a reference, but in reality the system speaks for itself. Your installers were prompt, respectful and gave us very easy instructions.


Best regards,
Anthony and Karen A.
Omaha, NE

To Whom It May Concern:


After reading water softener company brochures and visiting various websites we still couldn’t decide which one would best suit our needs–low sodium, installation configuration, ease of use, and local/sales/services. Our city has very hard water that was awful to taste as well as left water spots on all of our dishes.


We then asked our trusted plumber friend who referred us to Futuramic’s Clean Water Center representative Phil Rhodes. Based on our needs he recommended Impression IM1044 Water System and Evolve Two Reverse Osmosis System. Even though the system does use salt, the reverse osmosis system removed the sodium as well as other harmful “stuff.” Installation was completed in March 2011. Since then we have definitely noticed that our drinking water no longer smells, the taste has greatly improved, ice cubes are no longer cloudy, and we are using less cleaning agents in washing clothes and dishes. Not to mention the inside or our dishwasher sparkles like new again.


The installers did a great job and the systems were installed in less than three hours. They were very professional and knowledgeable.


We highly recommend Mr. Rhodes and Futuramic’s Clean Water Center!


Rich and Sue
Papillion, NE

To whom it may concern:


We are very satisfied customers with Futuramic’s Clean Water Center. This company has supplied us with cut of the edge technology equipment for our water needs.


Our 2 month old grandson suffered from scabs on his skin from the hard water we have here in Omaha. Within 2 days after our water softener was installed his skin cleared up and he looks his beautiful self again. The rest of our families skin and hair is softer also and we use less soap and shampoo. Futuramic’s uses solar salt which breaks down completely for consistently soft flowing water.


Futuramic’s has friendly service and a knowledgeable staff. We also found that after hours of calling other water dealers, that Futuramic’s offers the best equipment for the lowest price. We paid NO installation fee either. Futuramic’s is a family owned business. This means that they too, want the best quality water for their family like we do ours.


We are happy with the service Futuramic’s provides and will continue to use them for as long as we are in Omaha.


Terri in Nebraska


Mr. Phil Rhodes:


Yesterday, September 15th I had the pleasure of meeting one of your employees who arrived at my home to switch out our old water softener which was at least 20 years old or older. His name is Mike. As he disassembled the old water softener, he pointed out several things about my old water softener that I was not aware such as the amount of resin that should have been in the old tank. After completing the installations of the new rental water softener, he went over the operating procedure and showed me how to program the clock on the tank in case of a power outage so I could reset the clock. Before he left he remind to check the tank and piping that night to insure that there were no leaks occurring. He then cleaned up the work site and placed three bags of salt into the new holding tank for me. He was very knowledgeable in his assigned tasks and was very friendly as he answered my questions as he worked. He spoke very favorable of the people at Futuramic Products and their products. At the present time we are renting the new water softener but I have a feeling that we will probably purchase a new unit within the next six to eight months. Tell Mike thanks for the great service. It was a pleasure watching him work.


Ernest H.
Papillion, NE

I wanted to take a moment to thank Jack and the Futuramic team for being so wonderful to work with! It is wonderful to work with a company that continues to exceed all my expectations.


Anyone who has experienced soft water will agree that you’ll never want to live without it again! I live in Papillion, which has some of the hardest water around. We had a competitor’s softener in our last home, but still had lime scale rings around my toilets, shower walls and sink drains. We purchased our first Futuramic water softener and reverse osmosis system when we moved into our current home 7 years ago, and I’m pleased to attest to the fact that their system prevented the same hard water damage I’d experienced in the past. Better yet, we hooked up the soft water to one of our outside faucets, and no more water spots on our vehicles when we wash them!


The reverse osmosis is awesome. I love having purified water for drinking and cooking. We have it hooked up to our refrigerator so we never have to worry about having ice cubes with that funny taste and smell.


Futuramic provides a superior product and outstanding service. They proactively remind us of routine check-ups and filter changes. And nothing beats having the salt delivered right to our doorstep, and even brought right down to our utility room when we were home to greet the delivery driver.


We are getting ready to move to a new house in the next couple of months, and having Futuramic move with us was a no-brainer! Thank you so much for going above and beyond to help us with our new water softener and reverse osmosis system. And, what a great investment our current system was! It was a major selling point for home buyers, and really added to the overall value of our home.


Thank you Futuramic for improving our quality of life with your great products and service!


Brian and Melanie S.
Elkhorn, Ne

Dear Phil,


I just wanted to let you know the new system is working wonderfully. The new R/O is great as well; I can see through my ice cubes, they have never been like that. I did put a check in the mail for the whole balance. You should be receiving that today or tomorrow. We decided why pay rent, when it seems to be doing the job perfectly. I also want you to tell Nate Thank You, he did a wonderful job. He was very professional and very nice.


Thanks again for you time in helping us with our water troubles. You seem to have a great business. Keep up the good work!


Scott and Jody H.

Great Job!


Had a softener & RO installed a couple of weeks ago. Mostly wanted to say that the boys did a superior job ( — and they seem to know their business very well).


Jim B.


To Whom It May Concern,


I am not one to write letters thanking companies for their devotion to customer service both during and after the sale. To my way of thinking, doing the very best job for the customer, and standing behind that job is the way it should be.


In Today’s world, I have experienced too many companies operating their businesses as though there is such an abundant pool of customers, the choice to risk doing minimal work for maximum profits is an easy one. They find little interest in the experiences realized by a job well done. Their perfected lip service can string a customer along to the point of exhaustion, and with little recourse, as expected, the customer finally gives up any hope of getting a resolution to their problem.


The point I am trying to make is this; I believe you folks at Futuramic should be very proud of the way you conduct yourselves and the business of your company. Not only did your company sell me a fine product, but every individual at Futuramic has been there if I had questions or needed help, and I have always been treated in a respectful way. The staff has stood behind the product and kept their word on every commitment made to me.


So I would like to take this time to thank you all very much. It is refreshing to know companies like yours are still around.


Kenneth A. F.

Phil Sr. and Jr.


You and your company seem to be rare in today’s world. We are very happy with the system you installed last Tuesday. All of the odor and taste are gone completely. This alone is great, however, more impressive is the professionalism and true care and credibility you and your entire company have shown since we first contacted you.


The past several years, we have had the pleasure, and extreme displeasure, in working with companies while trying to get our house together. Your company and Weiss Plumbing (who recommended you to us) have impressed us so very much! We appreciate the efforts and work to provide us with a very satisfactory system.


Terry L.

RE: Annual tune up for drinking water – Nate Sanks


Dear Folks:


I would like to write to you to let you know what a fantastic job Nate Sanks did last week. Other than being on time, courteous; in short, all the things you would like to find in a service man but don’t always get. He went above and beyond what was expected.


He changed the filters to our drinking system. While I never quite understood how the system worked, he did and took the time to explain it to me.


I also mentioned to Nate that my water softener was going through at least two bags of salt a week. He didn’t think that sounded quite right. As it turned out, it was still on factory settings. Now instead of two bags per week, it should use more like two, possibly three bags per month! That will save a lot of salt going into our septic system.


The service Nate provided was nothing less than outstanding. You are very fortunate to have an employee like Nate working for Futuramic’s Clean Water Center.


Sheila S.
Crescent, IA

Mr. Warner,


Just a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with my new Evolve water conditioner. It does a very good job. Thank you for your product and very good service.


Mary R.
Bellevue, NE

Futuramic Products offers quality water softening products and delivers superior customer service. I replaced my old water softener with a Water Right Evolve system and noticed a dramatic increase in the quality of my water. I live on a well and the Water Right Evolve system is excellent for softening and removing the impurities. Futuramic has a quick response time. I called to order my system and they were out the next day to install it. I have received excellent follow-up service. I would recommend Futuramic’s products to anyone.


Nick N.

I thought I would send a quick note telling you how professional your installer was and how well the water purification and softener systems are working. The install was on a busy day but he was able to get around the people and get his work done and done well. The systems are so much better than the systems in my last house and the water quality is excellent.


Michael H.

Good Job Phil!


I want to thank everyone for making Futuramic such a great company.


Jack came after work to see the old softener. He sold me a new one immediately and was very good to me. Micheal was very persistent about installing and informing me on the softener’s functions. I had a working water softener in 24 hours!! The product is nicer than I expected! Jack called after the install.


Thank you
Kennetha S.
Ashland, NE

Dear Jack


We would like to say thank you for suggesting and installing the Evolve water system. It has been in for just over a month and we feel the clarity of the water is excellent, there is no smell to the water and no bad taste to the water. We feel we made the right choice for our well and plan to get many years out of the system.


Thanks Again,
Don & Debbie O.

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