Hard Water Blues: Can We Spot Them in Our Urban Oasis?

Hard Water Blues: Can We Spot Them in Our Urban Oasis?

Ever stopped to ponder where your H2O originates? You’d be among the 86% of US folks sipping from the public water spigot. Thanks to soaring global populations, city water is fast becoming the new normal. This water gets a pre-home spa treatment – filtered, disinfected, and sometimes, nutritionally jazzed up.

However, just because it’s city-treated, it’s not a VIP ticket to pristine water. Think of your home as the final filter, ensuring your family receives premium quality H2O, free from pesky contaminants.

Wanna know if you’re a city water dweller? Check your mailbox for water bills from your local utility, peek around your property for a water meter, or search for a water pump or pressure tank. No bills, no meter, but a tank or pump in sight? You’re likely on well water, not city water.

Just because your water gets the city treatment doesn’t mean it’s perfect for everyday use. Stubborn hard water signs and rude intrusions of chlorine often upset urban water users. Even though these minerals are not health hazards, they’re unwelcome guests, leaving behind soap scum, limescale, and frizzy, brittle hair. Plus, the notorious chlorine odor can turn your water into an olfactory offender.

Facing these water woes? Don’t fret! There’s an arsenal of solutions, including water softeners and filtration systems.

If you’ve concluded you’re on city water and started seeing the telltale signs of hard water or high chlorine, it’s time to call in the experts. Our local Evolve dealer is equipped with an array of solutions for typical and atypical water issues. One crowd-favorite is the EVRC Water Softener – a double-duty warrior removing hardness and filtering chlorine. The outcome? So long, hard water signs, and farewell, chlorine taste and smell.

Experiencing city water blues? Contact us today for a free water test from your authorized Evolve Series dealer. Your key to daily, clean, soft water is just a call away!