“Good” Ozone’s Powerful Filter-Cleansing Abilities

“Good” Ozone’s Powerful Filter-Cleansing Abilities

We as Americans sometimes take our access to electric power for granted. Out of site, it’s the foundation of nearly every modern convenience. We only really notice it when there’s a power outage.

For something we use daily, most people don’t realize some of the amazing ways electricity benefits our day-to-day lives outside of powering our devices. For example, the Evolve O3Zone generator combines electricity with oxygen to create ozone – a beneficial oxidizing gas that helps keep the filter media tank clean and free from slimy bacteria.

What Exactly is Ozone?

You’ve heard of Earth’s ozone layer before. This layer of ozone lies just above the stratosphere, extending from six to thirty miles above the earth, and helps in filtering harmful Ultraviolet rays from the sun. We call this “Good Ozone”

Ozone (O3) is an inorganic natural gas formed by the dioxygen (O2) we breathe, reacting with electricity in Earth’s atmosphere and UV light. When highly concentrated, it is a pale blue-colored gas with an odor similar to chlorine.

Another, more harmful version of ozone is found closer to the ground. This “bad” ozone is created through UV light reacting with industrial pollution, car exhaust, and other harmful vapors. “Bad” ozone levels typically are higher over the summer months in larger, more congested and dense communities.

How We Create “Good” Ozone

Evolve’s iron and sulfur air-injected filters reduce impurities like dissolved sulfur gasses and iron. But, the process behind filtering these impurities can be challenging because they are dissolved in the water.

In the very top of the media tank of an Evolve air filter is a pocket or dome of air. As the water containing dissolved iron and sulfur gas passes through this pocket of air, they become oxidized and precipitate to become tangible particles, allowing them to be filtered out through the media in the tank below. These precipitated solids are then trapped by the media, allowing crystal-clear water to flow through your home.

Once the filter in the tank fills with the particles of iron or sulfur, the air filter enters “regeneration,” a multi-stage process that rinses, shakes, and cleans the media of the captured particles and sends them down the drain. After completing the cleaning process, the system starts working again – oxidizing and capturing impurities. 

Over time, through precipitation, filtering, and regeneration, nuisance bacteria naturally grows inside the air filter. These bacteria thrive in the moist, humid conditions in the tank, feeding on the water’s iron content – leaving a slimy residue which can reduce the efficiency of the filtration process, making your water taste foul and smelling bad.

Once the O3Zone generator is installed onto an Evolve Air Filter, when the unit pulls fresh air into the media tank, it first passes through the generator prior to entering the tank. The O3Zone generator has a cell that generates an electrical field. As the oxygen pulled in passes through this cell, it charges it with electricity, turning it into ozone. During a thunderstorm, this is what happens with a bolt of lightning.

This newly formed ozone gas has natural sterilization properties. Adding it to the regeneration cycle the filtration system prevents bacteria growth, which reduces unwanted slime buildup or foul odors inside. Because the O3Zone generator only uses electricity and oxygen, it is a 100% chemical-free, environmentally friendly way to maintain your unit.

Our Evolve O3Zone generator is an add-on option for all Evolve iron and sulfur air-injected filters. To determine if ozone generation is something that is necessary or beneficial for the water conditions in your home, give us a call at 402-453-5730.

Even if you already have a filtration unit, or if you’re experiencing new iron or sulfur problems, we can test your home’s water to find out and recommend which treatment solution is best for you. Our tests are free and having our water professionals come out is no obligation.

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