Drinking Water

Drinking Water
Drinking Water

Drinking Water Alternatives

Different homes have different needs, Futuramic offers a wide range of Drinking Water alternatives, including Home Reverse Osmosis systems, Carbon Filtration units and Ultra-Violet Sterilization. Based on your specific needs we can custom build a drinking water system that provides refreshing great tasting water for the whole family for just pennies a day.


  • Safe, Healthy Water at your fingertips
  • Costs less than bottled water and expensive bottled drinks.
  • Encourages greater water consumption for better health.
  • Reduce impurities like dissolved mineral salts, chlorine and Bacteria
  • Better, Coffee, tea and juices.
  • Clean Hard Ice that doesn’t leave flakes in drinks



With a Futuramic Drinking Water system installed in your home, you and your family can enjoy water the way it was meant to be…
refreshing and thirst quenching glass after glass.


Choose the system that’s right for you and have fresh drinking water in your home now!
With optional ultra-violet and specialty filters Futuramic can treat any contaminant that may be found in your water.


A more efficient version of our most popular system!!


  • 75 gallon per day (gpd)
  • 1 to 1 waste – 300 to 500% more efficient than standard RO systems
  • 5 stage
  • Chloramine Specific Carbon prefilter*
  • Custom faucet
  • 3 gallon storage tank
  • 5 year warranty / 1 year labor warranty

* prefilter allows better chloramine removal at higher flow rates!



The best system on well water, equipped with a Permeate pump


  • 50 gallon per day (gpd)
  • 4 stage plus Permeate pump
  • Up to 400% more efficient than standard systems
  • Better flow and pressure, even on older well systems
  • Custom faucet
  • 3 gallon storage tank
  • 5 year warranty / 1 year labor warranty


High Volume Residential and Light Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems


Perfect for multiple outlets and ice-makes in your home. And commercial applications.


  • 300-1500 gpd
  • 5 to 7 stage systems
  • Booster pump
  • Custom faucet
  • 10 to 300 gallon tank options
  • Ultra-violet unit
  • Manifold
  • 5 year warranty / 1 year labor warranty


Futuramic can custom build a Reverse Osmosis (RO) system to meet any demand, from commercial applications to whole house pure water systems, please contact us with any questions.


Ultraviolet Sterilization (UV)

This modular line of ultraviolet disinfection systems can be used in a myriad of applications where flexibility and pricing sensitivity is an deciding factor. The small SQ-PA through S2Q-PA systems are ideally suited for point-of-use filtration, RO pre or post disinfection, while the larger S5Q-PA, S8Q-PA and S12Q-PA systems can be used on a point-of-entry system, disinfecting the water for an entire home or cottage. The low pressure germicidal lamps provide an economical way of treating water requiring a 99.99% reduction in bacteria and viruses.


These simplistic designs allows for easy homeowner maintenance. The UV lamp can be changed without interrupting the water flow. The quartz sleeve design allows for maximum UV output and operating efficiency.


Inline disposable UV modules destroy germs, bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms by interfering with their molecular structure. The DNA and RNHA in the organisms’ reproductive cycle are damaged and the cells are rendered sterile.


– Capacity of 9-12 months
– Built in 60 psi flow restrictor
– Min/Max Temperature: 40ºF / 100ºF
– Min/Max Pressure: 20 psi / 125 psi