Dos and Don’ts of DIY

Dos and Don’ts of DIY

There is little to compare with the pride a homeowner feels after a successful DIY project. And there is nothing quite as frustrating as a failed attempt and a bill to repair the damage. There are countless projects a YouTube tutorial can walk you through, but does water softener installation and maintenance make the list?

Price Vs Cost

The first step to deciding if you can DIY a home renovation, repair, or installation is to compare the price vs the cost. Meaning, how much money do you stand to save if all goes exactly to plan, and how much do you stand to lose if something goes wrong.

If you’re considering building your own table rather than forking down thousands for a prefab from the furniture store, a failure means that you’re out lumber. If you fail at repairing your own computer you risk wrecking your hard drive. It’s definitely worth the cost to pay a professional to keep your files from frying.

While it’s human nature to want to get our hands dirty, build, and repair on our own, be sure that what you’re feeling is confidence and not an impulsive, and possibly destructive primal urge.

Know Your Strengths

You might be a killer with a sledge hammer, but an actual killer with a screwdriver. If patience isn’t your strong suit, delicate repairs and fine maintenance might not be the DIY for Y-O-U. Stick with builds, demo, and… Maybe take up boxing?

A professional is not only paid to be patient, but insured if any mishaps happen, as they sometimes do. In fact, there are many appliances that require installations and repairs be done by a professional or the warranty is immediately voided!

Every Step of the Way

Specifically, when choosing a water treatment option, your Water Specialist will be with you every step of the way. From water testing, to weighing your options, to monitoring usage and maintaining your brine tank, you’ll know that everything has been done safely and effectively, and that your unit will continue working for a long and healthy life.

Your Futuramics team are specialists in diagnosing water quality issues, and they work hard to stay that way! Each of our techs attends continuing education classes, and exclusive factory training sessions to stay far ahead of innovations in water treatment. When your water specialist arrives at your door, they are arriving with a wealth of cutting-edge knowledge and an enthusiasm to share it!

We have nothing but faith in your ability to tune up your car, install your own floors, and side your own house. In fact, while we’re busy being nerds about water, there are plenty of DIY projects we never learned to do ourselves! Maybe while we’re installing your new water softener, you can show us how to program our radio stations in the van… AM radio isn’t really our jam!

Call your Futuramics Water Dealer today to talk about water quality testing and schedule your appointment today!