When you have a toothache, all you want in the whole world is for your tooth to feel like nothing at all. A healthy tooth is one you don’t have to think about! The same is basically true for your home’s water treatment systems. We don’t think about them at all unless something is wrong.

With most home water softening systems working without a hitch for a decade or more, it’s easy for them to fall completely off of our radar. We don’t think about them until they stop working completely!

But just as you should visit the dentist regularly to check and maintain your smile, your home water system will occasionally require maintenance to keep delivering the best water possible, and with advancements in water treatment, at what point do you decide it’s time for an upgrade?

Improvements in efficiency, sustainability, advancements in technology, and feature enhancements will all lead to a better experience. If you’re happy with your in-home water, it’s because you have an excellence system! This is exciting, and we love hearing from happy customers! If, however, you’ve had your water treatment system for a while, here are a few recent advancements we are excited to share with you!

  1. A Softener That’s Softer on the Environment

Water is one the most precious of earth’s offerings, and aside from oxygen, it’s her most used resource. We took a hard look at how we can use less, while making what we use the best it can be. A high-efficiency system saves water, salt, and energy!

Not only have we worked to make our system more efficient, your other high efficiency appliances all work better (and last longer) with soft water!

Choosing Water-Right’s Evolve® and WaterCare® systems equipped with W.E.T. (Water Efficient Technology) will offer you the biggest splash for the smallest environmental impact! This system tracks and learns your family’s water usage, adjusting cycle times to improve efficiency and reduce waste in real-time!

This ensures that the least amount of water and salt possible are used during each cycle, not only reducing wasted natural resources, but reducing your utility bill, as well!

  1. Smarter Water

Refrigerators that can tell you when you’re low on milk, a nanny cam for your puppy that notifies you at work when he needs to be walked, a doorbell that sends you a snapshot to your phone. Appliances are getting smarter, and your water is, too! Smart phones have become a universal remote for your entire life, so why should your water be excluded?

Wripli™ Tech is the latest in wireless intelligence, sending updates and information about your water treatment system directly to your phone, alerting you to needed maintenance and keeping you constantly informed of the status of your system. From maintenance needs to usage reports, take the stress out of scheduling services, and even turn on “vacation mode” remotely from your phone!

  1. Quality Control

The quality of your home’s water can vary greatly depending on many factors. From nearby groundwater contamination to system damage, runoff to factory waste management standard changes, water quality can change without warning. While water quality reports come out annually, and well-water homes have their water tested annually, water quality doesn’t adhere to your community water standard’s schedule!

While a water softener can filter out hard minerals like calcium and magnesium, these aren’t the only elements that can find themselves dissolved into groundwater. Understanding your water quality is imperative to identifying just what water treatments your home requires!

Whether you’re dealing with staining from high iron content, or the rotten egg smell of sulfuric water, a softener isn’t enough to make your life less hard. Proper filtration mediums are needed to address dissolved solids, minerals, and contaminants in your home’s water supply.

Water testing is needed to diagnose your home’s water quality, and to customize your water treatment system.

Our team is well-qualified to evaluate your well water, and to suggest the system that’s right for your home!

  1. Take Control of Your Home

Just because you’ve lived with a problem for a long time doesn’t mean it’s not a problem. While it’s likely that any problems you have with your water in 2019 have been a problem for a long time, it doesn’t have to be a problem anymore!

You have a right to ask questions about your municipal water supply, and your supplier has a responsibility to provide you with answers. From pharmaceuticals to lead in your drinking supply, fluoride and chloramine, your water contains far more than H20.
Knowing what is in your water is the first step to understanding how to treat it. A local treatment expert can discuss these issues, help you decode your water report, and discuss treatment options.

Most home owners’ water concerns can be addressed using a reverse osmosis drinking water system. Some choose an under-the-sink system, which treats only the water you frequently drink and cook with. Others find enough cause for concern that they opt for a whole-home system. Whichever option suits your home, our team is ready to help you put these worries aside and create the safest home for your family!

Is it Time for and Upgrade?

Whether you’re moving into a new home, or simply considering updating your existing system, our team is ready to help you navigate your options! Find a dealer, schedule water testing, and get started today!

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