Doctors have been urging their patients for years to drink less juice and soda, and Americans have answered the call! More and more households are cutting their sugar intake, improving their health, and increasing their energy by making the switch to clean water!

In fact, a 2016 study found a 120% increase in water consumption between 2000 and 2015! During this same period, the consumption of soda and carbonated beverages dropped a whopping 16%! Impressive!

While water was the easy choice, the new question became “what kind?”

You have options! Tap, spring, well, bottled?

If you want the cleanest water from the most convenient source, an in-home reverse osmosis system might be the answer for you! For more reasons to consider RO water, read on!

Cancel Out Contaminants!

While we generally don’t think of water contamination to be a problem in developed countries, it’s important to understand that there’s a lot more than just H2O in your home’s water supply.

The headlines focus on extreme situations, like the crisis in Flint, Michigan. In Flint, contaminants have made the drinking water dangerous even to bathe in, and citizens have relied on bottled water for several years to try to circumvent the catastrophe. In Flint, legislation will need to be passed to make the water supply safe again. This extreme situation forced every state to take a closer look at their water sources, and to truly assess just how clean their local supply was.

For most homes, the unique design of Eclipse™ R.O., Impression Series® R.O., and UltroWater® systems’ filtration membrane is enough to filter out most of the harmful contaminants commonly found in tap water, including:

  • Selenium
  • Copper
  • Nitrites and nitrates
  • Lead
  • Chromium
  • Arsenic
  • Radium
  • Cryptosporidium
  • Fluoride
  • Barium
  • And other dissolved solids

For truly pure water, Reverse Osmosis is the easy answer!

Diet Water? Reduce Sodium with RO

If you’ve installed a water softener in your home, you’ve been enjoying softer skin, shinier hair, and cleaner appliances and fixtures. Your laundry smells better, your shower isn’t covered in soap scum, and your clothes and appliances last longer!

A water softener works magic in your home, but it doesn’t purify, and not everyone enjoys the taste of softened water.

The ion exchange process employed by your home’s softening system replaces the hard minerals in your water with sodium molecules. For those with a particularly delicate palate, or those on a low sodium diet, this could cause issues when trying to enjoy a glass straight from the tap.

And in-home RO system filters out the sodium in your home supply, leaving only the cleanest, crispest H2O possible!

Save the Environment (and a good deal of money) by Switching!

For many homes, the default solution to drinking more water has been to buy it bottled. Most Americans believe that bottled water is cleaner and safer than tap water, but the ugly truth? Bottled water is usually just tap water.

And have you ever noticed the expiration date on the bottle and wondered how it’s possible for water to expire? Actually, that expiration date is for the bottle itself. While the bottles take generations to break down in a landfill, it doesn’t take long at all for the plastic in the bottle to start leaching chemicals into the water. So not only are you drinking plain tap water, you’re drinking tap water plus plastic! Yikes!

A 2015 study showed that Americans spent more than $15Billion on bottled water that year.  For a fraction of the cost of keeping your home in bottled water, you could install a Reverse Osmosis system and enjoy truly clean water, hold the plastic! This reduces waste, cuts costs, and keeps thousands of plastic bottles out of landfills every year!

Cleaner Cuisine

Did you know that you can only get real New York pizza in New York? Other places will offer a thin crust and call it NY style, but the fact is, New York water has a very unique PH profile. The reason NY pizza tastes different is because of the water used in the crust, not some time honored recipe!

When you consider this, it becomes easier to understand how many ways water might be affecting the flavor of your food! As the impurities and dissolved solids add up, they’re adding ingredients you didn’t’ sign up for to your favorite dishes. You might find your food discolored, smelling off, or tasting odd.

If you cant’s seem to get your coffee right at home, you might find yourself shelling out $5 a day to your local barista, Want to know their secret? That’s right. Most coffee shops and restaurants rely on Reverse Osmosis to keep their water clean, and their food and coffee tasting pure!

And it might be more than the ingredients in your dish that are making it smell and taste off. It might be, well, your actual dish! Washing dishes in contaminated or over-chlorinated water can leave them looking dingy, tasting soapy, and smelling like Sulphur. It doesn’t matter how well you cook if you’re serving on sulphuric saucers!

Clear as Ice

If your ice cubes are looking cloudy or white, or if you notice a slimy film or floating particles in your glass once the cubes have melted, Reverse Osmosis can clear that up!

As gasses and impurities freeze, they are forced to the inside of your ice cubes. You might not notice until they’ve melted that they’re leaving a bad taste in your mouth, and a bad esthetic in your glass!

Contaminants in your ice cubes cause them to melt more quickly, leaving your drinks watered down and full of impurities.

Cleaner water means cleaner ice cubes, and clearer cocktails!

Taste the Difference!

If you’re struggling to reach your daily glasses of water goals, better tasting water might be the key to getting you there! With a multi-step process of filtration, our patented membrane, and a final carbon filter just to remove any lingering odors, you are assured the cleanest, most refreshing water of your life!

Everything changes when you’re drinking enough water. The health of your skin, your smile, your energy levels, your gut-health, and even your breath all improve with proper hydration. If the smell and taste of your water are standing in your way, it’s time to make a change!

Is There a Downside to Demineralization?

 The most common concern we hear comes from families who worry that taking the minerals out of their water means they will become mineral-deficient. The truth is, your body doesn’t absorb a beneficial amount of healthy minerals from your tap water. Most of your vitamins and minerals come from the food you eat, and drinking water with the minerals removed will in no way deplete your body.

In fact, the minerals in water are far too difficult for your body to assimilate, and aren’t beneficial to your health. However, being better hydrated may help your body absorb and utilize the minerals in your food even better!

Use our Clean Water Testing to assess the safety of your home’s water, get a quote, and find the system that works for your family!

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