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Futuramic's Clean Water Center - water treatment companies providing sales, service, and rental of high quality custom built water treatment systems in Nebraska and Iowa, including new water softeners, drinking water system, rental equipment, commercial system, solutions for problem water and free salt delivery.
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Spring means new beginnings, the world in blossom, and a slew of possible issues for your water supply. If you live in one of the 12 million households who rely on a private or residential well for your home’s water supply, you may notice a change...

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Common Water Quality Problems By Region – Midwest

When traveling, you know to expect differences in culture, weather, and scenery, but do you know to expect different water? Each region uses a unique source for their water supply, and region-specific water treatment policies to create a supply that’s safe to use in your home....

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Softener Saltes: Decoding Your Options

You’ve already made the well-informed decision to install a water softener and filtration system in your home, but how you maintain your system matters. When your brine tank is running low, you’ll usually notice an indicator light flashing, or even beeping, to notify you that you’re...

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Your Top 10 Water Quality Questions Answered

Water & Health The conditions in Flint, Michigan have brought awareness to the importance of proper procedure for creating drinkable water. The average American uses between 80 and 100 gallons of water per day. If that water is contaminated with lead or other harmful elements, that’s...

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How Is Plumbing Like Your Cardiovascular System?

Your cardiovascular system is what moves blood through your body, delivering oxygen, nutrients, and more to its many cells. Those veins and arteries keep you alive. In your home, there are pipes that deliver water to different rooms of the house, helping you stay clean...

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