Life takes a toll on us all. You sit across from a doctor once a year, a dentist twice a year, a mechanic every few thousand miles, and your HVAC company every season. Maintenance is the key to keeping the people and things in your life healthy and working in peak performance.

When we make a big investment, like we do with our vehicles, health, and major appliances, we accept the cost and obligation of maintenance to keep it working its very best. And when we skip that oil change, tire rotation, and brake maintenance, it doesn’t take long to notice the impact on our vehicle’s performance.

Your home water filtration and softening system has the same routine upkeep requirements of anything that you hope to keep functioning for an extended time, especially if you’re using it every day! Many families schedule routine checks and maintenance for their appliances to maintain the integrity of the appliance. Your water is used every day, and by nearly every appliance in your home. Maintaining your water systems is vital to the longevity of your softener.


Softener Service

Installation, routine and preventative maintenance, and performance issues should be addressed by a professional. Some particularly handy homeowners have the know-how to install their own water softening systems. Being familiar enough to install it means it’s possible to maintain the system on their own, but many still opt to hire out the task, and there is a very good reason.

There are many delicate parts keeping your water system functioning, and a wrong move can get messy, fast! Forgetting to depressurize your unit can lead to flooding, while forcing vents could result in damaging your unit.

Your service tech will evaluate your entire system, check injectors and your injector screen, perform a 10-point inspection, and make any adjustments needed. A simple check of your unit’s regeneration settings and internal clock ensure that your softener is removing minerals at the rate your family uses water.

If you find that your water softener is falling off of your to-do list, it might be beneficial to look into a service plan to keep your unit functioning at full capacity.


Why Get a Service Plan?

When your water softener is malfunctioning, worn out, or clogged, it’s almost like not having one at all. You’ll soon notice the same problems you had before installing the unit starting to pile up. Your hair falls limp and lifeless, heavy with buildup. Your children complain of itchy skin and slimy clothes, and your other appliances begin to falter.

A small investment in a service plan protects you from unexpected costly repairs, replacement of items stained and damaged by hard water, and the heavy price tag of replacing clogged and worn out appliances that struggle under the assault of hard water.

During a scheduled routine inspection, your tech will test your home’s water before and after it enters your softening unit. It’s important to understand your home’s water quality, which can change with many external factors from the weather to local farm practices. Knowing what kind of water you’re starting with gives the tech a better picture of what your unit is facing, and what else may need to be addressed to ensure the unit continues functioning fully.

Testing the hot and cold water separately paints a different picture entirely. Hot water sits in a reservoir, sometimes for three to four days at a time. Testing the cold water gives a snapshot of how your unit is treating the water at that moment. Testing the hot water separately can tell your tech how the unit is performing over time.

If sediment has clogged the injector, the tank may fill with brine prematurely. This can cause clogging and make your system perform sluggishly.

The most common reason for an urgent service call involves issues with the injectors and screens.

A service plan ensures that each component of your system is evaluated regularly, and your technician will put a stop to any issues before the affect the efficiency of your unit.

Talk to your dealer about additional perks that may come with your customized service plan! Some potential benefits include

  • Incorporating Wi-Fi technology into your home’s softener
  • Monitor your water and salt usage through a smartphone app
  • Loading salt supply into the home
  • Parts maintenance
  • And more!

In addition to your custom plan, your dealer has access to Clean Water Testing Laboratory  and in some areas, water assessment can be included in your custom package.

Being proactive about maintenance and care means you’ll never have to deal with that moment of anxiety, realizing your system has been ignored. Keep your softener working hard and lasting longer with the forget-proof security of a service plan!

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